Our Sustainability

In 2020 we launched our Group Sustainability Strategy, which will guide our efforts to enhance outcomes for people and planet. The strategy has been designed to address the most important sustainability topics for AM FRESH, where we can make a positive difference within our own operations and supply chain.

We are committed in the journey to better fresh foods, at a sustainable scale.

At AM Fresh we are committed to trailblazing in the journey towards better fresh foods, at a sustainable scale. As a shared value enterprise, we aim at driving and promoting change across our end-to-end operation and the industry.
We are a business that is committed to produce 0% food waste in our packhouses.

0% food waste in our packhouses.

Percentage of waste in the farm is mainly affected by weather conditions, and this is a variable that can not be controlled. What can be controlled is the good agriculture management of the farms. And with good practices like effective pruning, holding systems for heavy brunches, ripeness control at source and precise pest control methods, we can guarantee waste reduction