About Us

AMT FRESH was born in 2014 when we formed a partnership supply model with Tesco. The objective was to collaborate on the creation of an efficient end-to-end supply chain, in order to improve the customer offer. Starting off with supplying citrus, the partnership has grown over the years to now include supply of a wide range of products to Tesco. In 2019, AMT and Tesco commenced the building of a purpose built facility (AMK Peterborough), to deliver further improvement and enhancement. The new facility is industry leading, providing efficiencies across many areas. AMT continues to work collaboratively with Tesco and the growers across all categories to ensure smooth and consistent supply year-round

End supply services to

AMT provides end to end supply services to Tesco, including all technical and due diligence management, quality management, sourcing, logistics and supply chain, operations and packing, category management, consumer engagement and insight.


Our core objective is to provide high quality products, consistently to Tesco customers.




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