Our Sustainability

In 2020 we launched our Group Sustainability Strategy, which will guide our efforts to enhance outcomes for people and planet. The strategy has been designed to address the most important sustainability topics for AM FRESH, where we can make a positive difference within our own operations and supply chain.

We recognise the importance of giving back to the community & environment.

Water sustainability

A water sustainability mister project has been launched in partnership with Quattro Citrus in 2017. AM Fresh South Africa has further extended our involvement on the environmental side to get involved in netting projects to improve colouring, minimising pesticide applications and reduce water loss.


the Amazzing Foundation Trust that was established in 2014. In 2015, the Foundation Trust was legally registered as a non profit organization with the sole purpose of education and upliftment. These educational, socio and health care projects have impacted the lives of 370 adults, 185 children & 230 households to date.