Our Companies

We are a world leader in fresh, natural & healthy food

We hold strong partnerships with the finest teams in our end-to-end innovation and supply chain; from top-notch varietal development programs to leading retailers worldwide. We leverage our global network to propagate efficiency and offer the best quality.

Our global team is innovative, committed, dynamic and forward-thinking. We are customer-centric and love to work together to grow together.

A robust portfolio and worldwide presence

  • An expertise of over 85 years in agribusiness and retailer customer relationships globally
  • Over 100 IP protected varieties in grapes, citrus and other fruits; a unique portfolio nurtured annually through strong innovation programs led globally
  • We have established strong relationships and long term contracts with the top retailers worldwide
  • 7 operational centres in Spain, UK, RSA and North America, expanding into Latam and Australia, we operate an end to end business model