About us

We work hard to improve the lives of consumers and communities through natural, FRESH and healthy foods from land to hand.

An innovation powerhouse of FRESH.

At AM FRESH Group, we are devoted to innovation and technology as the gateway to superior products delivered consistently. Our strong presence in FRESH spans an end-to-end operation in citrus, table grapes, tropical fruits and superfoods, plant-based fresh goods and flowers delivering comprehensive solutions for our strategic partners and global consumers.

We are proud of our deep-rooted core values.

Our values live in our minds and our hearts. We commit to the highest ethical standards and promote a strong stewardship for the progress of the food industry for the benefit of consumers, communities, partners and the land. We understand that the trust of consumers, partners and employees is earned with every small action. We foster reliability with all steps, big and small.

Varietal Innovation.

We have an integrated operation to develop, produce and deliver high-quality FRESH foods globally.

Varietal Innovation.

We combine the best of traditional breeding practices and advanced biotechnology to drive front-end varietal innovation for new, improved varieties in several fruit categories including citrus and table grapes. Our portfolio of patented varieties is recognized for its high-quality and continuous expansion.

Farming Expertise.

We have an integrated operation to develop, produce and deliver high-quality FRESH foods globally.

Farming Expertise.

We offer support, input, expertise and on-site tools to all our farming partners and licensees, helping them boost their productivity and growth. We favour collaboration in our global commercialization practices for enhanced business models.

Comprehensive End-to-end Solutions.

We have an integrated operation to develop, produce and deliver high-quality FRESH foods globally.

Comprehensive End-to-end Solutions.

We leverage our vertically-integrated supply chain to unlock availability of high-quality products in all markets. Whether through expansion of our farming network into new territories, strengthening of logistical operations and pack houses or comprehensive category management for our retail partners, we develop new technical solutions to serve our partners continuously and consistently.


We have an integrated operation to develop, produce and deliver high-quality FRESH foods globally.


We seek understanding of emerging trends, anticipating consumers’ needs and desires to offer a portfolio of products that make people smile around the world every day.

  • Varietal Innovation.
  • Farming Expertise.
  • Comprehensive End-to-end Solutions.
  • Consumer-Centric.

Years of expertise in agribusiness and FRESH foods.


Global operational centres for unparalleled coverage and service.


Committed employees worldwide.


Proprietary patented fruit varieties.


Has of own and licensed farming.


Annual turnover.


We care about our company, our products, our partners and the communities in which we work.

We are proud of our past and excited about the future we are building with passion and commitment.

We believe that
collaborations are critical to our own success and the success of the industry.
PARTNERSHIPS We leverage our global network to foster efficiency and offer the best quality.

Our partnership strategy allows us to achieve important outcomes; consistently deliver high-quality products and make a positive impact on people’s lives.
We are evolving
to step-up and meet emerging needs anticipating consumers’ desires.
CONSUMER FOCUS FRESCO™ is AM FRESH’s on and offline consumer research platform to unlock opportunities and foster growth in the fresh goods category globally.
Our long-term belief & investment in innovation has fuelled our growth with
products and unprecedented services.
INNOVATION & SCIENCE An innovation powerhouse of Fresh, we thrive to unlock nature’s excellence through optimization at the core.

Our two specialist biotech companies, SNFL & Genesis Innovation Group, work on cutting-edge varietal development

In a world governed by convention, we look to do things differently & better; innovation & creativity are in our DNA.
Proprietary technologies
and research platforms
that drive competitive
DATA & ANALYTICS We are pioneering in non-destructive testing technology as an integral component in pre- and post-harvest investigations of physiological changes in our products, to ensure quality and consistency to the consumer.
Retailers are stepping-up their requirements for suppliers, relying mostly on innovation for differentiation and the ability to secure ownership of new offers. RETAIL LEADERSHIP AM FRESH Genesis Innovation Platform is a fantastic starting point to equip retailers with the most relevant portfolios in line with their specific strategic intent.

Global retailers are consolidating operations and suppliers’ strategy, the importance of source partnerships and long-term strategic alliances are becoming increasingly vital for long term success. At AM FRESH we are pioneers in establishing end-to-end solutions for leading retailers worldwide.